Financing for Clinics Planned. Toronto, Canada

From:    Ted Powell
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Subject: Financing for Clinics Planned

From The Province, 15 November, p 43:

Canadian Press
	 TORONTO -- Ontario's NDP [New Democratic Party --tp] government has
developed an abortion strategy that includes financing for free-standing
abortion clinics and cracking down on protesters who harass patients, the
Toronto Globe and Mail reported today.
	 The strategy would also provide more money for women from outlying
regions to travel to cities to obtain abortions, the newspaper said,
attributing its information to an unidentified lobbyist.
	 Anne Swarbrick, the minister responsible for women's issues, would
neither confirm nor deny the report.
	 "I have been saying from the beginning that we are exploring ways to
protect women's access to abortion -- that's all I can say," she commented.
	 The province intends to expand abortion facilities where they are in
demand through free-standing clinics, hospitals and community programs.
	 However, no steps will be take to deal with federal abortion
legislation until it becomes law.

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