Bill McVay explains feminism. Humor. No, really!

From:    Bill McVay
To:      Blanche Nonken                         Msg #59, 09:28am Nov-26-90
Subject: Re: Thumpers

 > How about a poll here? Everybody who sees themselves as
 > "Anti-Feminist", do you see us as a "Commie Plot", or as
 > "Influenced by Satan"?  This is a serious question, so
 > please keep your tongue out of your cheek when answering.

Sheesh, you trying to take all the fun out of this echo?  Or develop a hit
list?  :-)  And what about other alternatives?

1. Feminism is a result of over-educated women suffering from brain fever.

2. Feminism is a plot by children to minimize parental supervision.

3. Feminism is a plot by capitalist to decrease the costs of labour by
creating a surplus labour pool, thus ensuring fierce competition for jobs
and lower labour costs.
4. Feminism is a plot by third world countries to reduce the population of
the industrialized nations to the point where emigration is required.
Thus allowing people of colour to take over the country.

5. Feminism is a plot by the multi-national drug companies to increase the
sale of contraceptives.

6. Feminism is a plot by the fashion industy to increase the sale of
clothing to working women.

Tongue firmly in cheek in the Wilds of Calahoo.

Bill "You won't catch me taking orders from a woman" McVay

From:    Morgaine Cooper
To:      Blanche Nonken                         Msg #71, 04:39am Nov-26-90
Subject: Commie Plot

Had to chuckle, Blanche, about Feminism being a Communist Plot. When I was
a chitlin' (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) Elvis was "A Communist
Plot to Undermine American Family Values"..