Fem. Iran Eyes Illicit Garb

From: Ted Powell
Subject: Iran Eyes Illicit Garb

From "The Province", Monday, May 14

United Press International, TEHRAN -- Iran launched a fresh campaign
yesterday to apply the rules of Islamic dress.

Major Tehran newspapers carried banner headlines reminding the public of
the rules of Hejab, or Islamic dress.

Over the past year, the rules of Hejab have been somewhat loosely
enforced, especially in more affluent parts of major cities, and women are
dressing more casually than in the years just after the 1979 revolution.
Some have even defied a ban on wearing makeup.

The authorities said last week that these trends would be curbed and two
campaigns were planned "to eradicate the infection of impropriety."

There was no word on punishments against violators of the dress code or
the rules of Islamic behaviour. In the past they have been jailed, flogged
or fined.

In the latest campaign, revolutionary guards will patrol in vehicles,
looking out for violators of the dress or behaviour codes.

Islamic Hejab, as interpreted in Iran, requires women to be covered from
head to foot. Men may keep their heads bare, but arms and legs must be fully

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Sigh. The lengths that some people will go to, to keep other people in a
state of submission.....

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