Fem. National Action Committee

From: Ted Powell
Subject: National Action Committee

From "The Province", Monday, May 14

Canadian Press, OTTAWA -- When she was six, Judy Rebick spent a year
teaching a little girl with cerebral palsy to ride a bike.

"I have always had a desire to help," says 44-year-old Rebick, elected
by acclamation yesterday as president of the National Action Committee on
the Status of Women, the largest women's lobby group in the nation.

"But because I came of age in the 1960's, I became a political activist
rather than the social worker one might have expected."

Norma Scarborough, past-president of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action
League, says: "She was born to be an activist, she's so good."

Both Scarborough and Rebick became deeply involved in the pro-choice
movement in Toronto in the early 1980's when Dr.  Henry Morgentaler's
abortion clinic was under siege.

As a founder of the Ontario Coalition of Abortion Clinics, Rebick won a
reputation for making the media take notice.

Almost a decade later, Rebick still knows how to make headlines: She was
carried out of federal Secretary of State Gerry Weiner's Toronto office by
police in April as she and others protested cuts of $1.6 million in federal
funds for women's programs.

About $1.2 million of that money was temporarily restored earlier this
month for 74 women's centres.

"Women are ready to fight back against this government," Rebick said at
the weekend. "We've started becoming more militant because we realize our
rights are in jeopardy and we have to defend them."

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I didn't catch any details, but heard on the radio something to the effect
that the NAC are planning demonstrations across the country next week;
Friday 25th, I believe.

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