FEM Tax policies hurt women

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Subject: Tax policies hurt women

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		Working women are "economically repressed" by the federal tax system,
the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) reported Wednesday.  It said the
regressive nature of excise and Social Security payroll taxes "places an
enormous burden on low- and middle-income families, particularly those
headed by single women."

		The report was released as the Bush/congressional budget talks focus
on excise taxes -- sales taxes on items like gasoline, telephone service,
tobacco, beer and airline tickets -- which are unrelated to the purchaser's

		"A female-headed family with no spouse and one or more children under
6 years of age with a median income of $8,360 a year pays up to 14 times
more as a share of income on excise taxes than does a family earning close
to $100,000 a year," the study said.  It noted that women are almost
two-thirds of all adults living in households with incomes below $10,000 and
hold 60 percent of the minimum-wage jobs.

		"For families headed by women who derive all of their income from
working wages with an average income of $15,237 a year, the [Social
Security] payroll tax extracts a share of income that is nearly 80 percent
larger than the share of income from a family earning over $92,000," the
report said.

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