There's never been a woman Grand Master chess player.

From:    Larry Sites
To:      Dan Tosto                              Jan-17-94 15:36:32
Subject: Predictions

DT>   DW> I was watching Pat Robertson's new show (_Raising Up A
DW> Standard_) today.    Pat predicts that if the people of
DW> America don't all become Christians,   the country will
DW> disintegrate by 2000, if not sooner.
DT>   typical...Oh well..

Yep, Pat's record isn't too good. A subscription solication letter
from _The Washington Spectator_ had this to say:

"In November 1989, Robertson talked to his television audience about
the difference between men and women:'[T]he key in terms of mental
[ability] is chess. There's never been a woman Grand Master chess
player. [O]nce you get one, then I'll buy some of the feminism....'
According to the Chess Federation of the United States there were
already two women Grand Masters at that time - both from Georgia-
and, since Robertson's gaffe, three more. Pia Cramling of Sweden
(1992), and the Hungarian sisters Zsuzsa Polgar (1991 at age 22),
and Judit, who last year became the youngest Grand Master ever
at age 15. Judit recently defeated Boris Spassky in an exhibition
match and is touted by her fans as a potential first-ever female
'Men's World Champion'."

 Peace, Larry