Facts about the plight of Arab women:

The Gazette (Montreal), February 14, 1994
February  14, 1994, Monday, FINAL EDITION
HEADLINE: Numbers tell grim story

       Facts about the plight of Arab women:

   WEST BANK-GAZA STRIP: Sociologist Nadera Kevorkian says
   27 of 179 women questioned in a survey reported beatings
   by male relatives.

   ISRAEL: One in six of Israel's 450,000 Arab women are
   beaten, say estimates by women's rights advocates.

   JORDAN: About 60 women a year killed in "family-honor"
   killings, says lawyer Zuhra Sharabati. About 500 women a
   year file criminal complaints against husbands for

   EGYPT: Domestic violence generally not identified as a
   problem under the law. Parliament debating whether to
   limit extent to which a man may beat his wife.

   TUNISIA:  In a survey of largest Tunis hospital in 1992,
   Democratic Women's Association found 85 per cent of 480
   female assault victims were battered wives.

   KUWAIT: Counsellor Marwan al-Mutawa, who has treated
   beaten women, estimates four of 10 women are either
   beaten or psychologically abused.