The Dominos Pizza - ''Pro-Life'' Connection

Reprinted without permission from "Ms.", March 1989:

            The Pizza Connection

Is a slice of the Domino's pie going to fund anti-abortion
activities?  Seems that way.  Appearing on a telethon last fall, Tom
Monaghan, president and founder of Domino's Pizza, of Ann Arbor,
Michigan, donated $50,000 to Michigan Right to Life's "Committee To
End Tax-Funded Abortions."  Their November referendum passed;
Medicaid-funded abortions are now barred in the state.

The donation from Monaghan, a devout Catholic, was "a personal
contribution," Domino's spokesman Ron Hingst said.  But searching
through state records, Zipper also uncovered a $10,000 gift to the
committee from Domino's Farms Corporation, a Monaghan-owned company
that, though separate from Domino's Pizza Inc., "obviously" makes
its money from pizza sales, Hingst said.

Domino's is also embroiled in a battle with the Ann Arbor chapter of
NOW.  Last May, the group alleges, Domino's Farms canceled a NOW
event at its publicly available facility after learning it would
raise pro-choice monies.  (A Right to Life fund-raiser had already
been held there.)  NOW filed a civil rights complaint, charging
religious discrimination; the case is pending.


I'm sure you all know that the CEO of Dominos, Tom Monaghan, is
anti-abortion.  More evidence has surfaced to verify that.  He is on
the board of directors of Franciscan University of Steubenville.  The
Dominos Foundation gave $195,888 to Franciscan Univ. and $15,000 to
the Human Life Center of Franciscan Univ.  Franciscan U. as the only
place in the country where it's possible to get a minor in
"pro-life activities".

"Steubies" are a common sight in front of clinics in Youngstown, OH
and Pittsburgh, PA.  The following advertisement for Franciscan
University will give you a flavor for the place.

   In addition to choosing from 30 degree programs for a
quality, Catholic higher education, Franciscan University of
Steubenville students can minor in pro-life studies.  Teachers
include lecturer Rita Marker, Director, International
Anti-Euthanasia Task Force, professor Dr. Stephen Krason,
author of the definitive work on Roe v. Wade, and others.
   Students take advantage of the Human Life Center library,
housed on campus, the largest pro-life resource center in the world.
   If you want to become equipped to impact society for life,
call us or come up for a visit!
                 Franciscan University of Steubenville
                    100 Franciscan Way, PO Box 7200
                      Steubenville, OH 43952-6701
             Call toll free!  800/282-8283  Continental US
                              800/262-6280  from Ohio
                            or 614/283-6226


Keep boycotting Dominos Pizza!