Reading List on Comparable Worth (jobs).


        Thanks for your reply. Well, due, at least inpart, to my experience in
poverty due to my parent's divorce (my dad didn'y pay child support & my mother
couldn't find a job that she could support us on), I was motivated to see if
comparable worth offered a possible (partial) solution to the "feminization of
poverty." (Thurow, 30).  I wrote a 2000 word paper for an English Class dealing
with this subject (CW). I used 8 sources for the paper (listed below) but
actually have an anthology of 22 sources that I put together for my research. I
kept about 50 others (mainly in my souces bibiliographies) in mind in case I has
time to use them.  If you're really interested, perhaps I can file transfer the
whole thing (paper and all) to your BBS.  [See COMPWRT3.TXT]

References for My Paper:

Aaron, Henry J and Lougy, Cameran, M.
The Comparable Worth Controversy.
Washington DC: The Brookings Institution, 1986.

Comparable Worth: A symposium on Issues and Alternatives.
Washington DC: The Equal Employment Advisory Council, 1981.

Gold, Michael Evan. A Dialogue On Comparable Worth.
Ithaca, New York. Cornell University, 1983.

Johnson, George and Solon, Gary.
"Estimates of the Direct Effects of Comparable Worth Policy."
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Hollenbeck, John R., et al. "Sex Differences in Occupational Choice, Pay, and
Worth: A Supply Side Approach to Understanding the Male Female Wage Gap."
Personnel Psychology 40, no. 4 (Winter 1987): 715-743.

Pommeranke, Pamela Lynne. "Cmparable Worth: A Panacea for Discrimination
Against Women in the Labor Market?".
American Economist 32 (spring 1988): 44-48.

Smith, Robert S. "Comparable Worth: Limited Coverage and Exacerbation of
Industrial and Labor Relations Review 41, #2 (Jan 1988): 227-39.

Thurow, Lester C. "A Surge in Inequality."
Scientific American 256, no. 5 (may 1987): 30-37.

My very tentative conclusions (which I will certainly change in light of new
facts or interpretation) is that comparable worth is a well intentioned idea
that, unfortunately, would offer very little in the way of a solution to the
male-female wage gap. It does seem reasonable to implement CW in government
jobs, however. This has in fact been an accomplished fact for sometime in a few

One Avenue that might be interesting to persue: Aaron (reference above) says
that the Nation of Australia has implmented CW on a large scale and I think
that they have had some success. Perhaps you could persue that line of reseach
and let us (ECHO mailers) know what you found.

   Chris Schene
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