1992 Operating Budget of Planned Parenthood.

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			Operating Budget of Planned Parenthood - 1992
							 (all figures in millions)

1. Clinic Income                       $150.9
2. Government Grants and Contracts
	a. Contributions of contraceptives
		supplies and equipment           $  2.7
	b. Other reimbursements and grants  $142.3
3. Private Contributions and Bequests  $121.2
4. Indirect Support from Affiliates    $  4.2
5. Othjer Operating Revenue            $ 17.0
6. Alan Guttmacher Institute           $  4.5
7. Planned Parenthood Action Fund      $  3.2
TOTAL REVENUE                          $446.0

1. Domestic and International Programs
	a. Patient Services                    $253.2
	b. Community Services                  $ 11.2
	c. Community Education                 $ 20.0
	d. Research and Professional Training  $ 13.6
	e. Assistance to U.S. Family Planning  $  7.6
	f. Grants and Services to Affiliates   $ 11.1

	Total International Family Planning    $ 12.8

	Total Program Services                 $329.5

2. Supporting Services
	a. Management and General              $ 53.9
	b. Fundraising                         $ 23.5

	Total Supporting Services              $ 77.4

3. Other Expenses
	a. Payments to Other Organizations     $  8.0
	b. Alan Guttmacher Expenses            $  4.6
	c. Planned Parenthood Action Fund      $  3.0

	Total Other Expenses                   $ 15.6
TOTAL EXPENSES                            $422.5

  Excess Revenue                          $ 23.5
  Fund Balances End of '92                $230.5

Notes: Planned parenthood indicates that it distributed contraceptives to
over 1.9 million people. And 132,000 women received abortions. They maintain
992 facilities in 49 states and the District of Columbia. There are 134
countries who have facilities maintained by the International Planned
Parenthood (the budget simply represents U.S. Planned Parenthood). You might
want to note that the _Washington Post_, _San Diego Union_, _Glamour_
magazine, and ABC News all received awards from Planned Parenthood in 1992
for their "exceptional media coverage of reproductive health issues."

Source: Planned Parenthood Federation of America - 1992 Annual Report

Planned Parenthood Board Members.

Hon. Bella S. Abzug     Phyllis Diller       Amy Irving
Steve Allen             Sheena Easton        Hon. Barbara Jordon
Maya Angelou            Jane Fonda           Ann Landers
Anne Archer             Betty Ford           Cyndi Lauper
Edward Asner            Bonnie Franklin      Spike Lee
Kim Basinger            Estelle Getty        Madonna
Meredith Baxter         Sharon Gless         Kristy McNichol
Harry Belafonte         Whoopie Goldberg     Lorne Michaels
Tony Bennett            Stephen Jay Gould    Dudley Moore
Judy Blume              Linda Gray           Paul Newman
Cong. Major Owens       Cher                 Jasmine Guy      
Gregory Peck            Julia Child          Senator Tom Hayden     
Christopher Reeve       Rae Dawn Chong       Christie Hefner        
Carl Reiner             Johnetta B. Cole     Katherine Hepburn
Linda Ronstadt          Jane Curtin          Gregory Hines       
Phoebe Snow             Aaron Spelling       Mary Steenberg
James Taylor            Cheryl Tiegs         Kathleen Turner
Suzanna Vega            Lowell Weiker
Matthew Broderick Robert Guillaume, Ph.D