From: Ian Hebert                                       31 Jul 94  23:20
To  : All
Subj: God be praised!

Until today, I thought I had seen *everything*.  Then I came across this
message.  I can't think of a stronger argument for separation of church
and state than people who think like this:

 *************  Original From: FRED HAMBRECHT
 * FORWARDED *             To: ALL
 *  MESSAGE  *    Date/Number: 07/29/94 - 0000027
 *************             On: OBELISK - 0002 - CriminalPo

My day was graced with the great news that another Florida baby killer
had received his post-natal abortion! If they kill enough of these payed
assassins life will once again have meaning....

The needs of the many (innocent babys) out weigh the needs of the few.
(money grubbing low life baby killers)

I understand that they need escorts here in Atlanta, seems most of them
have quit.... Bobbles there may be a career chance over here for you!

A bullet proof vest has no effect on 00 Buck to the head!

My prayers go out to this brave man and his family, it takes real guts
to eliminate a slimy baby killer!