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 Date:    02-11-95 10:44 (Public) 
 From:    Randy Edwards            
 To:      All                      
 Subject: Package Bombs Sent to Wom
Reply-To:     Jennifer Gagliardi 

(note from jennifer--several days ago i published an exerpt from catt's
claws detailing package bombs sent to abortion clinics.  this is the followup

from 2/2/95 Catt Claw's from Irenestuber@delphi.com

Subj: update on "suspicious packages" based on an interview in the Miami
Herald with Randy Grantham of Palm Beach County, Fl, who claims to have
sent the mysterious packages to 14 women's clinics around the country two
weeks ago.
      Each package contained a ceramic fetus on top of a hand grenade
and a fetus with a gun through it.  He makes them himself and claims he
is an artist and that they are artistic expression rather than political
He was recently at the March for Life in DC where he wore these object
d' art all over his clothes.
      From reports, most of the packages were opened by bomb squads
and many were simply blown up.
      Grantham claims no affiliation with anti-abortion groups and says he
does this out of his own money.
      There have been no arrests.

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