Area:    Feminism
  Msg:    #446
 Date:    11-18-94 14:36 (Public) 
 From:    Paul Kienitz             
 To:      All                      
 Subject: tits on the radio        
I recently heard a radio commercial for a store chain called Clothestime.
As best I can paraphrase it from memory, it went something like this:

    Do you have large breasts?
    If so, just ignore this, because this is something for the rest of
    you.  Or I should say, us.  Let's face it, there's nothing more
    unattractive than a flat chest.
    But now, there can be an end to scrunching your arms together to
    simulate cleavage.  With this new somethingorother bra, you can have
    real cleavage!  And now you can buy that I-borrowed-my-little-
    sister's-sweater sweater that shows some navel, and get that
    I-can't-believe-how-low-that-V-neck-is sweater free, because
    Clothestime is having a two for one sale on all sweaters.
    Now you can get a chance to complain about something you've probably
    always secretly wanted: men talking to your chest.

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