Area:    Feminism
  Msg:    #364
 Date:    12-15-94 19:56 (Public) 
 From:    Janet Goldstein          
 To:      Randy Edwards            
 Subject: 12-01-94 Women of Achiev 
On 12-08-1994, Randy Edwards wrote:

RE> "I have a three inch tall bulldyke that lives on my shoulder.  She
RE> wears a little red tuxedo with sensible shoes, and has a tail and
RE> horns.  She also carries a pool cue that she jabs me with when she
RE> wants me to respond to something I would really rather ignore.  She
RE> whispers things for me to say and I open my mouth and out they
RE> come...she jabbed, my mouth opened....
RE>     "'And don't you ever lay another finger on me as long as you live
RE> or I'll kick you in the (testicles) so hard you'll be wearing them
RE> for little pink earrings."
RE>      -- Powell, Deborah. _Bayou City Secrets_. Tallahassee: Naiad Press,
RE> 1991.
RE> (C) 1994 Irene Stuber, PO Box 6185, Hot Springs National Park, AR

I love this!!

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