Area:    Feminism
  Msg:    #321
 Date:    10-27-94 10:08 (Public) 
 From:    J-Mag                    
 To:      Gary Mcgee               
 Subject: Sodomites in disguise    
 GM> I look at what is typed in this conference and see that there is no
 GM> shame whatsoever for the sin that all who disguise themselves under
 GM> the name of "Feminism" commit.

Excuse me?  I'm a happily married mother of three who 
happens to believe that women are people and should be 
treated as people with rights and responsibilities equal to 
those of men.

I'm a feminist.  I'm not sure how you consider this to be sodomy.
It doesn't fit my dictionary's definition of the word. Unless you 
pervert the notion of "unnatural" sex acts to include women 
working for a fair wage.