THAT'S A STRANGE COUNTRY

     The Roman Catholic church teaches that homosexual
"tendencies" are not sinful, but that homosexual "acts" are.
Therefore, homosexuals can play a full role in church activity
only if they abstain from sex.

     You figure that out. American Atheists cannot.

     Now, a Roman Catholic bishop in Italy in the city of Terni
(a town north of Rome) on Saint Valentine's Day spoke about
homosexuals "in respectful tones." This occurred when he said in
a mass that "the union of men and women, with the procreation and
education of children  . . is part of nature and God's plan." He
then went on to say that "other unions" are "other" and
"different." He wound it all up with his "respectful tone"
statement that:

     Certainly, one does not want to take away their dignity
     and their right to a home and work and their right to
     contribute to the good of others and society.

     The president of Italy's largest militant homosexual group,
Arcigay-Arcilesbica, were encouraged that the "tone of respect"
would be an example for the Roman Catholic church hierarchy.

Source: Reuters, 2/15/95.