From: Preston Simpson                                  7 Jul 94  10:24
To  : Dave Oosterman
Subj: Re: laws

 -=> Quoting Dave Oosterman to Preston Simpson <=-

 -=> Quoting Preston Simpson to Dave Oosterman <=-

 PS> Actually, current research and evidence tends to indicate that some,
 PS> possibly all homosexuals, have a genetic/hormonal difference in their
 PS> brains that makes them prefer the same sex. The idea is that the brain

 DO> Where was this (these) study(ies) conducted, where is (are) they
 DO> published?  I am truly interested in reading more about this issue.

As soon as I find that particular bit of information, I'll 
share it with you. In the meantime, here are a few things to 
gnaw on:

In my Human Development textbook, (copyright 1992) it is 
reported that the American Psychiatric Association stopped 
classifying homosexuality as a mental disorder, save where the 
patient himself thought there was something abnormal about his 

It is reported by various researchers (McWhirter, Reinisch, and 
Sanders in 1989, Money in 1987, and Remafedi in 1991) that 
homosexuality is most likely determined by genetic, hormonal, 
and environmental factors. Ellis and Ames in 1987 stated that 
prenatal hormone conditions may also play a role in determining 
sexuality. The same researchers determined that children raised 
by gay or lesbian couples/parents are no more likely to become 
homosexual than those raised by heterosexual couples/parents. 
This combined with other factors tends to at least suggest that 
homosexuality is predominantly a biological condition. It is 
also reported that attempts to modify homosexual orientation 
have been rather difficult.

 DO> Thanks in advance, Dave

No problem. That's all I have at the moment, but I've just 
skimmed the little library I keep here in the office. As soon 
as I have more, I'll post it.