Violence against clinics by so-called Pro-Lifers, this year
to date:

January 2, 1995
A fire was set in the yard of Abortion and Reproductive Health
Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Damage was minimal.

January 27, 1995
The Planned Parenthood clinic in Philadelphia was blockaded by
approximately 30 people, who cracked a glass door under their
weight. 28 people were arrested. On May 9, Planned Parenthood
filed suit against the blockaders under FACE.

January 28, 1995
Bill Baird, a veteran abortion rights activist, was shot at outside
his home on Long Island. He was not injured in the attack. This was
the second attempt on his life in two years.

February 9, 1995
Family Planning Associates, a clinic in Ventura, California, was
struck by arson. According to news reports, small containers of a
flammable liquid were placed inside a tire and ignited. Damage was
estimated at $1,000.

February 11, 1995
The Santa Barbara Medical Group, a clinic in Santa Barbara,
California, was struck by arson. As in the February 9 incident,
flammable liquid placed in a tire was used to set the fire. Minor
damage was reported.

February 15, 1995
A Planned Parenthood clinic in San Luis Obispo, California, was struck
by arson. Damage was estimated at $50,000.

February 21, 1995
The Choice Medical Group, a clinic in Santa Cruz, California, was
struck by arson. Railroad flares were reportedly lit and thrown on the
clinic's roof. Damage was minor.

February 24, 1995
A flaming shopping cart was rammed through the glass door of Abortion
and Reproductive Health Services in New Mexico, the fourth attack on
the clinic this year. Ricky Lee McDonald was charged with the crime.
On March 9, McDonald was indicted under FACE for this attack. He was
also indicted on four federal arson counts. McDonald has been charged
in four other incidents at the clinic in 1995; the first on January 2.

February 28, 1995
A building in San Francisco that houses two clinics, Buena Vista
Women's Services and the Pregnancy Consultation Center, was struck by
arson. A tire filled with flammable liquid was placed in a basement
window well and ignited. Although both clinics are in the basement,
damage was limited to a janitor's closet.

Also on this date, an arson fire broke out in a trash bin outside the
Choice Medical Clinic in San Francisco.

February --, 1995
The Richmond Medical Center for Women was struck by arson. Damage was
estimated at $500. (I don't have details or the exact date yet).

March 1, 1995
At press conferences held simultaneously in San Diego, Sacramento, Los
Angeles and San Francisco, federal officials announced their belief
that the fires set in California between February 9 and 28 were
linked. According to special agent Jim Freeman of the San Francisco
FBI office, "We don't have definitive evidence, but because of the
similarity of the types of devices that were used and the similarity
of the geographic area, we believe that they may have been perpetrated
by the same individual or group of individuals." Several sources
reported that the pattern of arsons followed the route of Operation
Rescue's "Summer of Missions" in 1994.

March 4, 1995
Two men, Raymond Unterberger and Eric Olson, locked themselves to the
entrance of the Aware Woman Medical Center in West Palm Beach,
Florida, using multiple bicycle locks and a cement block estimated at
weighing over 150 pounds. Both men were charged with violating FACE.

March 11, 1995
Two men, Chuck Lacroix and James Lucero, reportedly welded themselves
inside junked vehicles that blocked the driveway leading to Women's
Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas. Both men were charged with
violating FACE.

Also on this date, Connie Arseneault, an abortion-rights supporter,
was struck under the chin by a cane allegedly wielded by Charles
Swain, a 70-year-old anti-choice demonstrator. The assault, which
occurred outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Brookline,
reportedly left Ms. Arsenault with a bloody mouth and chipped teeth.

March 18, 1995
David Lane confessed to breaking into a Planned Parenthood clinic and
a doctor's office in Denver, and using a sledgehammer to destroy
equipment, walls and toilets. Lane turned himself in, and later
pleaded not guilty.

May 24, 1995
The Academy Medical Center, a clinic that offers abortion services in
Cleveland, Ohio, was the site of a clinic invasion. Four invaders
entered the clinic's waiting room and locked themselves together with
Kryptonite-style bicycle locks; other invaders harassed patients and
distributed anti-choice information. Six arrests were made in the
incident, which reportedly lasted half an hour. The invaders were
charged with criminal trespass, and given a two-day sentence.

May 27, 1995
In what had been promoted for months as a large-scale challenge to
FACE, 23 people were arrested for blockading the Women's Medical
Center in North Hollywood, California. Approximately 100 members and
associates of Operation Rescue of California tried to block access
to the clinic, which was protected by over 300 clinic defenders.
According to some accounts, the doctor and all patients had already
entered the clinic, and the clinic defenders obeyed police orders to
leave the clinic door. Other reports indicate that some patients were
prevented from entering the clinic.

Two members of BACORR were also arrested. The first woman had been
pushed into the street, and was wrestled to the ground by police. The
second woman urged police to be gentle with the first, who had
recently injured her shoulder; she was also arrested, and is reported
to have suffered a broken rib at the hands of the police.

August 21, 1995
A fire was set at the All Woman's Health Center in St. Petersburg,
Florida, causing damage to the clinic's waiting room and
reception area. There was also smoke damage to the exterior of the

August 28, 1995
Two stacks of computer paper were set on fire at the entrance to the
Planned Parenthood clinic in Grants Pass, Oregon (the home of Shelley
Shannon -- see post "Information..."). The fire caused minor damage
to the clinic's door and a doormat.

August 29, 1995
Eight days after one fire was set, a second fire was set at the All
Woman's Health Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. This fire started
near an examing room, and caused severe damage to the clinic.

September 18, 1995
An incendiary device was set off at the Emerg-a-Care clinic in
Jackson, Wyoming. The resulting fire caused an estimated
$30,000 damage.

November 2, 1995
The All Women's Health Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, was hit by
arson for the third time in three months. Although earlier reports
had indicated that the clinic was closed, it was, in fact, being
rebuilt. The latest fire was set on the roof and cause only minor

November 10, 1995
Dr. Hugh Short was shot in the arm as he sat in his home in Ancaster,
Ontario. The shot was fired by a high-powered rifle from a position a
few dozen yards behind the home. The bullet passed through a second-
floor window and struck Dr. Short in the elbow. No suspects have been