Abortion [provider] killer happy to die

Starke, Fla. (AP) - Paul Hill, sentenced to death in the 
shotgun slayings of an abortion and his bodyguard, says 
he's worth more to his cause dead then alive and hopes he 
is executed.

The 40-year-old former minister said yesterday that he 
won't appeal, though his death sentence will automatically 
be reviewed by Florida's Surpreme Court.

"I'm not hoping that this conviction is overturned. To be 
quite frank with you, I am hoping it will be upheld and 
that I will be executed," Hill said during an interview at 
Florida State Prison.

"I think I can save more people dead than alive," he said. 
"And that's what I'm calling to do ... save as many 
innocent human beings as possible."

It was Hill's second interview since he was sentenced to 
death last month for murdering Dr. John Britton and James 
Barret. He also wounded Barrett's wife, June,as the three 
drove up to a Pensacola abortion clinic July 29.

As Hill spoke matter-of-factly of his possible execution, 
he wore the grin seen often during his trial. He even 
laughed a few times, in chilling contrast to his grim 

Asked if his actions might incite other anti-abortion 
activists to violence, he replied: "Indubitably."

Asked if Jesus Christ(sic) would have pulled the trigger 
he said: "Absolutely."

Hill has portrayed himself as a martyr for his cause, 
insisting the shootings were necessary to prevent 
abortions. He was not allowed to use that arguement in 
court because abortion is legal.

He began saying abortion providers should be killed after 
Dr. David Gunn was shot to death in 1993 outside aanother 
Pensacola clinic. Michael J. Griffin of Pensacola is 
serving a life sentence for the killing.

"The day that he did that it was like I was clobbered over 
the head," Hill said. "This thought that I had pushed to 
the back of my mind hit me in the face and I said what he 
did was justified."

But he never considered killing anyone himself, Hill said, 
until five months later when Dr. George Tillerwas wounded 
outside a clinic in Wichita, Kan.

Rachelle "Shelly" Shannon of Grants Pass, Ore., was 
sentenced to 10 years in prison for that shooting.