From: Judith Bandsma                       16 Sep 94  08:00
To  : Richard Rodriguez
Subj: Re: abortion

 -=> Quoting Richard Rodriguez to Judith Bandsma <=-

My major point was that to be credible, he should at least get 
the facts straight. You make no points at all arguing from 
stupidity....and lose a lot of ground with the otherwise 

As for pro-CHOICE, the only person I can make ANY choice for in 
this matter is myself. And I am the only one who will have to 
answer for any action I take. I have faced this choice from 
medical necessity BEFORE Roe v. Wade. I know what goes into 
making the choice, the emotional turmoil of knowing that what 
is growing in your body may NOT be strictly human after all. Or 
that if you carry to term you will definitely deliver something 
that is already dead. I made the decision to go ahead in spite 
of the doctors' advice. I bankrupted MY family (nuclear-type), 
ruined my health AND the child died anyway. (And 3 before him 
to the same cause). If I had had a CHOICE in the matter, I 
would have had a tubal ligation much sooner and not had to face 
this 4 times. But that CHOICE was never allowed me because, in 
the state I lived, all requests for sterilization had to be 
approved by a panel of (male) doctors and they would not 
approve it if you were under 30 and had less than 3 living 
children. The medical consequences were NEVER a part of their 
deliberations if those 2 things were the case.

Having had my choices made for me for so long when it came to 
reproductive health, I cannot and will not lend my voice to 
making the choices for others. When women are finally free to 
make a REAL choice without fear of condemnation or harrassment, 
I think you will then find that things will change.

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