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--Katherine Wintersnight to David Rice
 AS> DR> Which leaves me greaty confused. My ladyfriends have ALWAYS 
 AS> DR> selected married men or incarcerated men as their romantic
 AS> DR> interests. Maybe I can buy myself a wedding ring and tell
 AS> DR> people I'm married, or maybe I can shoot "Pat" Robertson.
 AS> DR> Maybe then I could get a date.
 AS> DR> By my count, I average three years between dates.
 AS> DR> But on the bright side, I could send away for a Russian 
 AS> DR> woman. I'm not sure how much this would cost in total, but 
 AS> DR> the up-front cost is US$60.00 or so. I mean, how bad could
 AS> DR> they be, really?
 AS> Dave, I went through a long bout of chastity after an engagement was
 AS> broken up till I met my wife. (I was 27 when I got married.) There are
 AS> women DYING to meet a nice guy, or even a not-so-nice one. I'm not denying
 AS> that some women are more attracted to scumbags than others. But tell
 AS> me...where do you meet these women? At school, at single bars, at work,
 AS> what? (I know it's not at church.) What are your interests, and whatever
 AS> they are, are there any local social gatherings that you can go to that
 AS> reflect those? (I met my wife through a mutual interest in comic books,
 AS> for instance.) If you approach someone from something that you are really
 AS> interested in, and show some expertise in, that's sexy.

 Myrphy's Laws of Dating.

    One: The stupidity of one's actions during a promising
    encounter are directly proportional to the time lapsed since
    their last non-self-assisted sexual experience.

    Two: The desirability of any given woman you meet will be
    compounded by your percieved lack of chances of ever seeing
    her with her clothes off.

    Addendum (aka the 1/X Rule): Given X women who act like they
    couldn't care less if you lived, you will lust after the ONLY
    one who really meant it. It has little to do with looks,
    brains, attitude, poise, or any other mortal thing. This is
    the 1/X rule, and can never to be fathomed beyond this by the
    male thought process.

    Three: The longer you wait the fewer the promising
    opportunities will be. And the more difficult it will be to
    recognize them.

    Coralary to Three: Once you've found a secure relationship,
    the number of women that come on to you will be inversely
    proportional to your dissatisfaction with #1.

    The Law of AR: Given a personal anal-retentive index of R,
    you will be attracted to those who rate an R-r, while those
    attracted to you will have an index of R+r. If, by chance,
    you end up with someone who's index is R+0, you will have
    nothing to talk about. (Think about it).

 I could write a goddamn BOOK about dating. :)

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