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 Date:    10-30-94 14:37 (Public) 
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 Subject: Dominatrix beats prosecut
   NEW YORK (Reuter) - A 300-pound self-described dominatrix
beat a New York State prosecutor in court in a ruling that
sado-masochistic acts including paddling and foot-licking are
not prostitution.

         The New York Law Journal reported Thursday that a Brooklyn
judge accepted the woman's argument that her activity did not fall into
the prohibited act of sexual intercourse for money.

         Instead, the woman identified as Ms. A, said she expects a
monetary tribute for her whip-wielding performance. ``Ms. A testified
that she did not offer to exchange sex for money and that she did not
like sex all that much,'' wrote Judge Laura Jacobson of Brooklyn.

         Jacobson dismissed the charge against the defendant ruling that
the sado-mascochistic acts described by Ms. A as ''foot-licking,
spanking, domination and submission'' do not appear to be prohibited by
state law.

         The defendant had been arrested after she ordered an undercover
policeman, who refused to undress, to watch an ''S&M'' video while she
changed into a leather corset, high heels and black gloves. She said she
was not suspicious when the man refused to undress, adding she thought
he just wanted to be ``ordered around.''

         ``Her testimony was educational as well as entertaining and
provided an insight into an area of behavior which is not often talked
about in public,'' the judge said. Ms. A testified that a common male
fantasy is that of a bad little boy who wants to be spanked. ``Sometimes
participant wishes to lick the feet of the dominatrix,'' the judge
wrote. ``Ms. A was quite adamant when she stated that a person involved
in the S&M sexual life did not want intercourse.''

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