Tattoos for AIDS Victims

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  Subj: Tattoos for AIDS Victims
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by Conrad Goeringer

  How far can they go?

  Former Ku Klux Klan leader and Presidential candidate David
Duke, darling of the far-right religious nationalists, has called
for laws which would tattoo AIDS patients in their genital areas
with glow-in-the-dark ink. Duke made the statement in an
interview with The Advocate magazine; he also suggested that AIDS
originated when someone had sex with a monkey in Africa.

  Duke opposed quarantining AIDS patients, though, because "it is
not good for their civil rights, it's not good for the country,
and it doesn't make sense." Duke, once the grand wizard of the
Louisiana Ku Klux Klan, ran in the 1992 primary race against
then-President George Bush for the GOP nomination. He is also a
former Louisiana legislator who got 55 percent of the white vote
in his run for Governor, but lost. He also founded the National
Association for the Advancement of White People. During his
presidential bid, Duke was a supporter of prayer in public
schools, "returning the country to God"; he was against gay
rights and opposed to legalized abortion.  He is reportedly
contemplating another run for the governorship in Louisiana.

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