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  Subj: OKC Cross-post from LSAC
 I was asked to cross-post this to various areas by LNS...
 This is well worth thinking about at this time.
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  Date: 19 Apr 95 
  From: L. Neil Smith                               
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                   -- by L. Neil Smith -- 
     How very convenient.   
     How very damned convenient.   
     A heinous act is committed in Oklahoma City -- the bombing 
of a federal building in which many lives, including those of a 
dozen innocent children, are blasted away -- and the spokesmen of
both established political parties see nothing in it but another 
opportunity to nourish their insatiable desire for control over 
the lives of others at the irrational, unnecessary expense of a 
sacred American tradition, more than two centuries old, of 
unfettered individual liberty. 
     The spectacularly popular Republican showman who frequently 
identifies himself on his national radio program as the "Doctor 
of Democracy" spends two days wallowing in orgiastic fantasies of
collective punishment -- a variety of socialism characteristic of
Europe or Japan (where the light of the Constitution never 
shines) wholly alien to anyplace in America but the Army and the 
public schools. He pompously declares the moral equivalent of war
and implies that it is time for Americans to sacrifice their 
time-honored and vital liberties for mere physical security. 
     Meanwhile, American history's most discredited president and

his power-hungry wife get a second lease on their worthless and 
destructive political lives as, lower lip extended and trembling,
he struts and pouts on national television like the comical 
transvestites in _The Rocky Horror Picture Show_, pretending to a
strength of character and resolve he never possessed and never 
     Having done her level best to start a second Civil War, his 
Attorney General, a dangerously stupid and incompetent piece of 
work who has allegedly stated on more than one occasion that 
anyone is a potential criminal or terrorist whose opinions 
regarding life's most fundamental issues happen to differ from 
her own, is now free to assert without public opposition that she
is vindicated. 
     Likewise, equally stupid and incompetent people in the 
national mass media, who have sucked up unceasingly during the 
20th century to those in power and have lately made a habit of 
attempting to identify distinguished and respectable civil rights
organizations such as the Libertarian Party and the National 
Rifle Association with hate-motivated groups like the skinheads 
and the Ku Klux Klan, continue to profit from the lies they 
shovel daily at the public. 
     Efforts in Congress -- some of them apparently in earnest --
to repeal more than four decades' worth of viciously 
unconstitutional legislation get sidetracked and, if the 
president and his cronies have their way, derailed altogether. 
     Outlaw government agencies responsible for one increasingly 
illegal, murderously violent attack on innocent citizens after 
another receive a massive whitewashing by the whorish, 
authority-bedazzled media, while local police who have taken to 
imitating those agencies renew their "license to kill". 
     Private talk and public forums on the computer internet, 
previously immune to scrutiny, censorship, or control by the 
establishment media or the government get closed down "for the 
duration" -- for which anyone even faintly familiar with history 
reads "forever" -- to the colossal relief of both major parties. 
     Americans who were beginning to regain control of their own 
political lives can now be lumped together with racists and 
perverts -- and effectively silenced.  The Bill of Rights, 
threatening for the past several years to make an unwanted 
resurgence in American political life, goes into the shredder, 
     What a windfall.   
     What a damned convenient windfall.   
     It's exactly the kind of windfall enjoyed by Adolf Hitler's 
National Socialist German Workers' Party when the Reichstag, the 
seat of representative government in that country, burned down 
and the newly-elected Nazi chancellor, blaming the fire on his 
political enemies, used it as an excuse to turn his country into 
a dictatorship.  Historians are generally agreed that the Nazis 
themselves started the fire -- whereas the pattern of the 
Democratic Party in America has been to wait around, like 
vultures on a cactus, until something horrible happens (the 
assassination of a presidential candidate, the shooting of a 
score of restaurant patrons) that they can make the best 
political use of. 
     Nevertheless, the effect is the same.   
     The simple, politically inconvenient fact, however, is that 
terrorist incidents do not stem from any insufficiency of 
government, but invariably from too much of the stuff.  This 
country's problems in the Middle East -- very much on America's 
guilty conscience following the explosion in Oklahoma City -- 
would not even exist if American politics were kept within 
American borders.  Yes, that's what I said -- and if this be 
isolationism, let us make the most of it! 
     If, as it presently appears, the Oklahoma tragedy relates, 
instead, to the infamous and tragically needless events of 1993 
in Waco, Texas, then it is time to drastically reduce the role of
government in American lives, as well, not to condone and expand 
the scope of the state terrorism which apparently provoked it. 
     There is only one way to accomplish that -- and to prevent 
this bombing from being used as yet another excuse to terrorize 
and punish millions of Americans who had absolutely nothing to do
with it -- but there are many ways to begin. 
     First, all federal agencies must be disarmed, their 
employees forbidden to carry personal weapons on the job (or to 
wear masks or to affect military clothing), and their heavy 
weaponry and vehicles-of-war surrendered to the nearest units of 
a denationalized National Guard.  These agencies must then be 
reduced to that number specifically authorized by the 
Constitution under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.  If a few 
remaining federal investigators wish something to be done that is
both lawful and requires the use of force, they may apply to 
local law enforcement for assistance -- and, more importantly, 
for consent. 
     Next, the "War on Drugs", a disastrous Republican error 
which, by design or otherwise, has provided most of the 
justification for government incursions on individual liberty in 
recent years -- and which has served only to enhance departmental
appropriations, numbers of personnel, and the dictatorial power 
of bureaucrats and politicians (while enriching their nominal 
enemies the so-called drug lords) -- must come to an immediate, 
screeching halt.  It was never anything but a war on the Bill of 
Rights in any case.  And any law -- like RICO -- which authorizes
unconstitutional seizures of property must be repealed. 
     All foreign aid, defense assistance, and overseas military 
presence must end, and a drastic reduction in "diplomatic" 
activities undertaken, as well. Americans are not the "cops of 
the world" and every attempt to make them so merely adds to the 
likelihood of another disaster such as that we have just 
witnessed.  Scholars mindful of the dismal political history of 
the 19th and 20th centuries, once warned that the Vietnam War 
would lead to shrinkages of freedom at home, and they were right.
We are witnessing the culmination of that process. 
     Stringent -- make that, "draconian" -- enforcement of the 
highest law of the land, the Bill of Rights, must become 
America's number one political priority.  The population that 
must be scrutinized all collect government paychecks. 
     These measures would constitute a good beginning.  The 
question arises, how is it to be accomplished?  Certainly not by 
relying on the Democratic or Republican Parties which have long 
since betrayed all of their constitutional responsibilities. 
Before the Oklahoma City bombing, the media were full of reports 
that Americans are hankering for a third party, although mention 
was seldom made of which party it might be or what they believe 
it should stand for. 
     America has had a third party for more than twenty years. 
Perhaps it's time to make use of it.  Those who wish to see it 
achieve power and do the things listed above (and more) must work
with those who only wish to continue living in a free country. 
If both groups -- to give an illustrative example -- were to 
begin putting bumper stickers on their cars that say, "NEXT TIME 
I'M VOTING LIBERTARIAN", it wouldn't matter what all those bumper
sticker _stickers_ really intend.  For some it would be the 
literal truth.  For others -- those who only want their own 
parties to straighten up and fly right -- it would be a threat, 
one that could be conveyed in letters and phone calls, as well. 
     Try thinking of the Libertarian Party as a rolled-up 
newspaper, useful in making the Republican puppy (I've given up 
on the Democratic bitch) go where he's supposed to -- not on that
beautiful antique carpet we call the Constitution. 
     BAP!  BAP!  BAP!   
     BAD Bobby, BAD Newtie!   
     BAP!  BAP!  BAP!   
     Of course to Janet Reno, such an exercise of free speech 
would be terrorism. 
     But then, so is the rest of the Bill of Rights. 
L. Neil Smith  
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Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus 
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Weld County Fish & Wildlife Association 
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 After watching and reading the news accounts of the Oklahoma City 
bombing these past days I too am concerned that this incident -- such a
weak word to describe the destruction of so many lives -- may indeed lead
to even more encroachments on liberty.  Hopefully, this won't happen.  And
I am not making any claims that this is a purposefully orchestrated event
similar to the infamous "Reichstag Fire".
 I am also concerned that the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian
Second Amendment Caucus are being lumped with the likes of the KKK, White
Aryan Resistance, militia movements, and so forth.  
 Timothy H. Willis  LSAC

... "You have to move to limit freedom." -- Bill Clinton, 1994
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