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Former Governor got GOP Help in Short-Lived Run Against
Clinton; Donors Expected to Fund New Organization

by Conrad Goeringer

   It wasn't the end for former Pennsylvania Governor Robert
Casey when he decided last week that he wasn't going to run
against President Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Instead,
Casey is forming a political action committee that will try and
elect antiabortion candidates, especially within the Democratic
ranks, and work for "family issues."

   Casey had spent several weeks "exploring" the option of
running against Clinton for the party nomination. Although
experts gave him little chance of winning, Casey was seen as a
"stalking horse" within party ranks for the anti-choice movement.
He withdrew from the race last week, saying that following recent
surgery that included a heart-liver transplant, he might not have
the stamina for the contest.

   Casey's group pledged to "further family issues" according
to a spokesman and get involved in state and federal legislation.

   Casey was an adroit fundraiser, mustering a record-level
war chest in his race for Pennsylvania Governor.  He had already
put together $500,000 for the  nomination quest. Many of his
backers are expected to be heavy contributors to the new
political action committee.  And Casey -- along with the rest of
the anti-abortion movement -- will continue to hound Clinton and
the  Democrats on this issue.


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