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by Conrad F. Goeringer

     Time was when a favorite saying describing the macho,
"redneck" view of women was summed up as "Keep 'em barefoot 'n
pregnant." But now with abortions rising in the wake of welfare
reform, some Roman Catholic pro-life groups seem to be saying
"Keep 'em pregnant and on welfare!" Either way, women and in many
cases children lose.

     The debate centers on New Jersey, where the abortion rate
for women on welfare has risen slightly following new laws that
deny more benefits for those having additional babies. In the
period covering August 1993 to March 1994, the abortion rate
was 9.78 per 1,000 women on the welfare rolls. In the same
period before the new legislation, however, the rate was

     Pro-choice advocates of welfare reform see the law as
encouraging women to get out of the "childhood trap," where
having and raising babies becomes an obstacle to education,
training and participation in the job market. Ironically, those
supporting welfare reform have different motivations in doing so.
An increase in abortion along with a drop in birth rate (due to
abortion and contraception) may be an unexpected result of the
welfare reform legislation.

     But anti-abortionists now see a link between the abortion
rates and the welfare laws. The associate director for social
concerns of the New Jersey Catholic Conference told Associated
Press (May 17) that "These statistics are especially significant
given the fact that the U.S. Congress is in the midst of
developing federal policy on this very issue. . . Those who are
concerned that New Jersey's child exclusion law would lead to an
increase in abortions are apparently, and unfortunately,
correct." A N.J. Right to Life Committee representative agreed,
saying there was a "significant link between the family cap and
the impact of abortion on poor women."

     A number of religious groups, including the Catholic
Bishops Conference, have opposed welfare reform laws, especially
any changes that would in any way discourage women (married or
single) from having more babies. The National Organization for
Women, which generally takes a progressive view of legislation
concerning women's rights, opposed the welfare reform saying that
the new law hurts children. Critics, however, point out that more
emphasis needs to be placed on education and positive role models
for young women other than having more children. Religious groups
which have an anti-choice agenda are expected to call for changes
in the law.


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