Education level vs. abortion opinion statistic

From: williamt@athena1.Sun.COM (William A. Turnbow)
Subject: ignorance and anti-abortionists

        A recent poll in Wall Street had a breakdown by education on how
people stood on the abortion issue.  Here are the results:

Percentage of people who say abortion should be legal:

Less than high school diploma   47%
High School diploma             65%
College                         72%
Postgrad                        79%

    One might also note that Randall Terry (the Op. Rescue Leader) is a high
school dropout (and is currently a used car salesman).

    It becomes easier to see how anti-abortionists maintain their
ignorant views -- they don't have the education to know otherwise.  The
more you are educated, the easier it is to have an open mind about issues.
Also the less you are educated, the easier it is to be swept up and swayed
by charismatic leaders -- you accept other people's thoughts and opinions
more easily since you have fewer of your own to get in the way.