Quotes from ''pro-lifers,'' entire agenda exposed

From: consp22@bingvaxu.cc.binghamton.edu (Darren Handler)
Subject: Quoteable Quotes...(stuff people say)

I have been a reader of this group for close to two years.  However, I
have never posted, so here goes...

The following is taken from a brochure that is published by Planned
Parenthood.  It contains actual quotes by actual people who, for
some, hold high regard in society.  When I read this, I was shocked
to see what some of these people actually said.  I though that this
would be interesting for some.

The following DOES NOT represent the views of myself, and may or may
not represent the views of my system administrators. (std discl.)

This is not all of the quotes in the pamphlet, but most of them.


On the subject of Birth Control:

        "I think contraception is disgusting -- people using each
other for pleasure."
                                - Joe Schneider
                                  Director: Pro Life Action League
                                  August 1985

        "Technical advances permit women to avoid conception for
continuation of pregnancy.  Women pay dearly for this non-freedom.
First, they become slaves of their erotic sensuality, they are easily
by the male of the species, they truely become sexual toys, and their
de-naturalization now transforms them into nothing more than large
semen containers."
                                - J.C. Espinosa
                                  "Birth Control, Why are they
                                   Lying to Women" 1980

"We are totally opposed to abortion under any circumstances.
 We are also opposed to abortifacient drugs and chemicals like the pill
 and the IUD, and we are also opposed to all forms of birth control
 with the exception of natural family planning (the rhythm method)"
        Judie Brown, President
        American Life Lobby
        New York Times
        October 6, 1985

        "The argument that making contraceptives available to young
people would prevent teen pregnancy is ridiculous.  Thats like offering
a cookbook as a cure to people who are trying to lose weight."

                                - Rev Jerry Falwell, pres.
                                  Moral Majority - Liberty Fnd.

On Sexuality Education:

        "Sex education classes are like in-home sales parties for

        "The facts of life can be told in 15 minutes."

        "Just tell them to keep your hands out of what's inside your
swimsuits -- that takes care of most girls and boys."

        "Its very healthy for a young girl to be deterred from
promiscuity by fear of contracting a painful, incurable disease, or
cervical cancer, or sterility, or the likelihood of giving birth to a
dead, blind, or brain-damaged baby (even 10 years later when she may
be happily married)
                                - All of these were stated by
                                  Phyllis Schlafly, President
                                  Eagle Forum

        "Sex education in our public schools are promoting incest."

                                - Rev Jimmy Swaggart
                                  August 19, 1984

On Abortion

"For instance, several years ago we tracked down a twelve
 year-old girl who was going to have an abortion so that we could talk
 her out of it. Talking a woman out of having an abortion is not news.
 But tracking here down by using private detectives is"
        Joseph Scheidler. Director
        Pro-Life Action League, 1985

On Clinic Violence:

        "Destroying property is sometimes a good way to save lives."

                                - Mary Meehan, Editorial Staff
                                  National Catholic Reporter

        "On the other hand, groups like Parenthood, the Charter Party,
the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Organization of
Women, are all part of an anti-Christian network whose cause is to
work for anti-Christian goals.  That network is overly peopled by
members of the Reform Jewish Community and men who I believe to be
Free Masons."
                                - James J. Condit, Jr.
                                  Cincinnatus Party's perennial
                                  candidate for city council

        "Whoever did this [planted a pipe bomb at the Margaret Sanger
Center] is a hero.  I think they are heros.  The bible commands us to
rescue those being dragged to death.
                                - Nancy O'Brien, Co-director
                                  Project Jericho
                                  February 23, 1987


        "I see a divine hand in this AIDS thing."
                                - Dr. Jack Willke, Pres.
                                  National Right to Life Comm.

    "Dr Koop is promoting death for the children and youth of our nation."
                                - Jim Daiger, Dir
                                  American Life Lobby

        "Collectively, homosexuals are acting as a gigantic biological
vacuum cleaner scouring the earth for germs -- and the collecting bag
is the United States.  AIDS is the first fruit of this ugly process,
but we can be certain that it will not be the last.  As long as
homosexuals travel, we can look forward to an unremitting stream of
plagues stemming from these disgusting practices.  Homosexuality is
the #1 public health problem of our times --"
                                - Fr. Paul Marx, Pres
                                  Human Life International
                                  "The Wanderer" Mar 26, 1987

On Adolescence:

        "The words `teenager' and `responsibility' cannot be used in
the ssame sentence."
                                -Kay James, Dir. of Public Affairs
                                 National Right to Life Committee

        "Today's children...They're damned.  They're gone."
                                - James Dobson
                                  "Planned Parenthood and Sex Clinics"

On Sex:

        "There is nothing loving about sex."

        "Having sex without horniness is a greater expression of
        "Sex is self-satisfying, but not meant for pleasure."

                                -Fr. Paul Marx
                                Human Life International Symposium
                                on Human Sexuality

On sexual abuse:

        "Incest is a voluntary act on the woman's part."
                                - Charles Rice, professor of law
                                  Notre Dame Univ.

On Feminism:

        "Inequality is the natural condition."
                                - Fr. Paul Marx
                                  Human Life International Symposium
                                  on Human Sexuality

        "Women have babies and men provide the support.  If you don't
like the way we're made you've got tp take it up with God."
                                - Phyllis Schlafly, President
                                  Eagle Forum

        "Our G.I.s didn't storm the beachs of Normandy to allow women
to fool around."
                                - Robert Marshall, Research Dir.
                                  The Castello Institute

        "I listen to the feminists and all these radical gals -- most
of them are failures.  They've blown it. Some of them gave been
married, but they married some Casper Milquetoast who asked permission
to go to the bathroom.  These women just need a man in the house.
That's all they need.  Most of these feminists need a man to tell them
what time of day it is and to lead the home.  And they blew it and
they're mad at all men.  Feminists hate men.  They're sexist.  tehy
hate men -- that's their problem."
                                - Rev. Jerry Falwell