Because of its safety, effectiveness, and availability, foam is
an excellent contraceptive for some couples when used:

1.  As a contraceptive in combination with condom.

2.  As a contraceptive to use while waiting to begin the first
pack of birth control pills and during the first month of Pill

3.  As the backup method to have at home in case the user stops
using or runs out of Pills.

4.  As the contraceptive to use for several months after stopping
Pills and before trying to become pregnant.

5.  As a midcycle contraceptive to increase the effectiveness of
an IUD, condoms or fertility awareness methods.

6.  As a contraceptive method for the diaphragm user who has
intercourse a second time before her diaphragm can be removed. 
(She can just add foam without removing or dislodging her

7.  As an emergency measure when a couple is using condoms as
their primary means of birth control and the condom breaks.  They
should quickly insert an application of foam.  Although this is
the best precaution in a very discouraging situation, it may not
help since sperm get up into the cervical canal very quickly.

8.  As a lubricant.

9.  As protection against sexually transmissible infections.



1.  Several brands of foam come in preloaded applicators ready
for use.

2.  If the foam comes in a separate container from the
applicator, the applicator is filled to a designated mark by
pressure applied directly onto the top of the container (Emko and
Koromex) or by tilting the applicator (Delfen).

3.  Shake the can twenty times before using.  This insures that
there will be plenty of bubbles for the barrier and that the
spermicide will be mixed with the foam.

4.  The Emory University Family Planning Program recommends that
the woman insert one full applicator of Emko, Emko Pre-Fil, or
Emko Because, or two full applicators of Delfen or Koromex back
into the vagina near the cervix each time she has intercourse. 
(The number of cc's of foam per applicator is as follows:

     Delfen 5 cc, Koromex 5 cc, Emko Pre-Fil 10 cc, Emko 17 cc,
     and Emko Because 17 cc).  Since the bubbles start going flat
     within a half hour, try to insert the foam just before

After spreading the lips of the vagina apart, insert the
applicator as deep as you can, then push the plunger.  When
you remove the applicator, be careful not to pull the plunger
back out or you might suck some foam back into the applicator.

5. Foam protection lasts about thirty minutes, so be sure you
have inserted foam no more than thirty minutes before
intercourse.  Use another applicator full of spermicide just
before intercourse if more than a half hour has passed.

6. If you want to douche, wait at least eight hours after your
last intercourse.

7. Wash the applicator with soap and lukewarm water.

8. Keep a spare container of foam on hand.  With most brands,
there is no way to tell when you are about to run out.

9. If you have intercourse more than once, insert a new
applicator full of foam before every act of intercourse.

10. The effectiveness of foam in preventing pregnancy can be
greatly increased if it is used with another method of birth
control, such as condoms.

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