My insurance pays for abortions

From:    J-Mag
Subject: My insurance pays for abortions

Yep.  *BUT* it only pays for abortions for female dependents 
other than the employee or the employee's wife.

Which is to say, the policy would cover an abortion for my minor 
daughter, but not for myself.

The exact wording from the handbook:

[begin quote]


_Health_Expenses_Coverage_:  Benefits are payable for pregnancy-related
expenses of female employees and dependent wives on the same basis as
for disease.  Normally, the expenses must be incurred while the person
is covered under this Plan.  If expenses are incurred after the coverage
ceases, see below [not excerpted here - J-Mag] for expenses which may be
covered after coverage ceases.

Elective abortions: Coverage is limited to abortions performed because
the life of the mother would be in danger if the fetus was carried to
term and those which result in medical complications.

This Plan provides that when one of the following complications occurs,
benefits for other female dependents are payable under
_Comprehensive_Medical_Expense_coverage_ for expenses incurred in
connection with the complicatiion on the same basis as for disease.

 o  An ectopic pregnancy.
 o  A complication requiring intraabdominal surgery after termination of
 o  Pernicious vomiting of pregnancy (hyperemesis gravidarum).
 o  Toxemia with convulshions (eclampsia of pregnancy).
 o  Caesarean section.
 o  Termination of pregnancy occurring during a period of gestation in
    which a viable birth is not possible.
 o  Any condition requiring hospital confinement, prior to terminiation
    of pregnancy, the diagnosis of which condition is distinct from
    pregnancy but is adversely affected by pregnancy or caused by it,
    such as acute nephritis, nephrosis, cardiac decompensation, missed
    abortion and any similar medical and surgial condition of comparable
    severity, but excluding false labor, occasional spotting, physician
    prescribed rest, morning sickness, pre-eclampsia, and any similar
    condition associated with the management of a difficult pregnancy
    not constituting a nosologically distinct complication of pregnancy.
 o  A pregnancy which terminiates in any manner other than a normal

[end quote]

Now, who might female dependents be if they aren't wives ...

[begin quote]


You may cover your:

 o  wife or husband; and
 o  unmarried children who are under 19 years of age.

Any other unmarried child under age 25 who goes to school on a regular
basis and depends solely on you for support will be covered as a

Your children include:
 o  Your biological children.
 o  Your adopted children.
 o  Any child you support, whose parent is your child.
 o  Any other child you support and who lives with you in a parent-child

No person may be covered both as an employee and a dependent; and no
person may be covered as a dependent of more than one employee.

[end quote]

Curious, no?  I sorta wondered about the figure that 70% of unwed
pregnant teens from higher-income families choose abortion[1].
Especially since everything *other than normal birth* is covered.  Since
this is a major insurer, I expect that the policies are similar for
other major companies.  And the parents of those higher income teens are
more likely to be covered by comprehensive insurance policies through
their employers.

It's possible this stems from the cult of responsiblity, in that
children shouldn't be held "responsible" for their actions/unplanned
pregnancies, but adults should.


- J-Mag


[1]  Quoted by Ellen Goodman in a column published in today's Houston
     _Post_ (21 Jan 95).  She mentions the Alan Guttmacher Institute,
     but not a specific study or report.