Hysterectomy - Sexual Res

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  Subj: Hysterectomy & Sexual Res
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On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, BIRGIT MURPHY wrote:

> I disagree. What we experience in sex takes place with your
> hormones. A hysterectomy may affect a womans hormones either

When I replied to this post earlier, I forgot to mention something else
pertaining to feminine body parts and orgasm.  A snippet from an Oprah
Winfrey show reminded me.  Apparently she had a show on hysterectomy.  (I
accidentally recorded the wrong channel for a few minutes before catching
the mistake and changing the channel.  Because I got only a few minutes of
the Oprah show, I dunno who her visiting expert is.) 

Anyway, during the two or three minutes that showed up on my tape, a
member of the audience asked, "Why would you take the uterus and not take
the cervix? What is the cervix ... why would you leave it in?"

The answer the expert gave was something I think =all= women in the US
should at least be aware of, so they can make up their own minds about
such decisions. She was slightly more objective about stating the
distinction between Europeans and "Americans" (grrr, I hate that word),
but since I happen to know from experience that the Europeans are on to
something, permit my bias to show through a bit.  According to this
expert, USian women don't realize that nerve fibers in the cervix are,
shall we say, quite responsive to sexual stimulus.  (The expert called
this a "belief" that Europeans have.  So, she's got her own bias there,
even while arguing for keeping the cervix in.  Poor cookie must not know
what she's missing!)  Apparently, the reason USian doctors usually take
the cervix out along with the uterus is that USians tend to be paranoid
about cervical cancer, despite the fact that cervical cancer is way down
the probability list for most women.  

So, anyway, there's another point of sexual responsiveness for women. 
Frankly, I think it's amazing that so many women don't discover these on
their own, cuz there's so =much= potential Down There that even blind
stumbling should turn up one playground or another over a lifetime.  Guess
that's just proof positive that the most powerful sexual organ is the
brain, cuz refusing to believe it's even possible is the best way to miss
out on success. 

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