Pornography research

Colorado Springs, Colorado -- Several years ago members of the evangelical
National Religious Broadcasters held its annual meeting in a Washington, DC
hotel. The hotel offered pay-per-view in-room movies, including adult fare.
After the conference, someone took the trouble to find out how many of the
radio and TV evangelists took advantage of the adult movies. It seems that
more than half of them did. When asked to explain, one evangelist said,

Several years ago, after Skipp Porteous had an article on religious political
extremists published in Penthouse, a number of Christian radio stations
called for an interview.  Porteous learned that those stations gratefully
receive "advance copies" of Penthouse.

The folks at Focus on the Family in Colorado have been keeping up with their
research, too. The March 22, 1996 issue of The Pastor's Weekly Briefing, in
a column called "Stats, Stats, Stats," reports on the rise in production of
hard-core pornographic videos, and the sales and rental income from the
X-rated films. The article lists as its source Adult Video News, a slick,
full-color, sexually explicit magazine produced by the adult film industry.