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For Immediate Release
December 30, 1994

Contact:  Michelle Gross

          Mary Lou Greenburg

In light of the murderous attacks today at women's clinics in 
Brookline, Massachusetts, Refuse & Resist! has called for clinic 
defenders across the country to step up to the frontlines to 
stop antiabortion violence against doctors and their patients.
Michelle Gross, National Secretary of Refuse & Resist!, states 
"Clinic defenders must be ready to take whatever steps are 
needed to stop lethal force by the anti-abortion movement. We 
need to defend abortion providers, their patients and ourselves 

An atmosphere has been created in this country that has led up 
to today's shootings. This atmosphere has been created by all 
elements of the anti-abortion movement, whether or not they 
[publically] advocate lethal force. Mary Lou Greenburg, of 
Refuse & Resist! states, "By spreading the lie that abortion is 
'murder,' religious figures and leaders of anti-abortion groups 
give justification and inspiration to others in their movement 
to pull the trigger."

A contributing factor to spreading anti-abortion violence has 
been the increased reliance by some members of the pro-choice 
movement on the government to defend clinics.  The election of 
Bill Clinton and the passage of FACE (Freedom of Access to 
Clinic Entrances Act) have lulled some pro-choice people into 
thinking that police and the courts would stop anti-abortion 
violence. In fact, there have been more incidents of lethal 
violence since the passage of FACE then there were prior to 
FACE. The only thing that has ever proven effective in stopping 
violence against abortion providers and their patients has been 
the consistent, concerted efforts of clinic defenders.

The attacks today are part of a continuing campaign of lethal 
force that is being advocated by organizations such as John 
Burnett's American Coalition of Life Activists (ACLA) and Paul 
Hill's Defensive Action group. In fact, it was a close 
associate of Paul Hill, Fr. David Trosch, who predicted attacks 
such as the ones that occurred today. In a July 16, 1994 letter 
to _Life Advocate_ magazine, Trosch predicted, "the massive 
killing of abortionists and their staffs." He also opined that 
lethal force by the anti-choice movement would spread to include 
members of feminist and pro-choice organizations "who will be 
sought out and terminated as vermin are terminated." At least 
three of the people who were wounded today were volunteer clinic 

Michelle Gross, a veteran of many clinic defense campaigns, 
states "Doctors and clinic escorts are being killed with 
impunity. It is time to stop relying on the government to 
defend clinics. We must defend our own clinics and ourselves BY