From _The Commercial Appeal_, Memphis, TN 01 Jan 1995

(AP) Norfolk, Va.- A student hairstylist was arrested minutes 
after shots were fired into an abortion clinic here Saturday, 
and he was charged with the slayings of two people at clinics 
near Boston a day earlier.

John C. Salvi III, who faces two first-degree murder charges in 
the Brookline, Mass., attacks, was arrested about three blocks 
from the Hillcrest Clinic.

The clinic, on the second floor of a three-story buidling, was 
open at the time shots were fired but no one was injured in the 
11:45 a.m. Saturday attack.

Just 25 hours before the shooting in Norfolk, police say Salvi, 
clad in black, stalked into two abortion clinics a mile and a 
half apart in Brookline, Mass., pulled a weapon from his black 
duffle bag and began shooting. The dead were identified as 
receptionists at the two clinics and the five wounded were all 
clinic employees or volunteers.

Officials said they had been able to identify Salvi from gun 
shop receipts and a pistol in the duffle bag that police say he 
dropped in a shootout with a clinic security guard outside the 
second clinic in Brookline. Federal, state and local officials 
opened a nationwide manhunt overnight for the suspect.

Police spent much of the night searching for him around Hampton 
Beach, N.H., swooping down on the Beachside Inn, a shabby hotel 
that was his last known address. But he had slipped through 
their net, and remained at large until spotted by a police arson 
investigator working an unrelated case in Norfolk.

"He heard the shots fired in the rear of the building, then 
observed a man with a rifle firing into the glass of the lobby," 
police spokesman Larry Hill said. "He saw the man get into a 
pickup and leave the scene."

Fleeing in his black Toyota pickup with the distinctive New 
Hampshire plates, he was chased by Norfolk police for three 
blocks. He tossed a .22-caliber semiautomatic weapon out the 
truck window as officers surrounded him, then tried to flee, 
but police tackled him.

Federal records show that Salvi had purchased a .22-caliber 
rifle from a New Hampshire gun shop.

Like the two abortion clinics here, the Hillcrest Clinic in 
Norfolk had been a target of vigorous anti-abortion 
demonstrations, said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist 
Majority Foundation. She said there had been a firebombing, 
several attempts at planting pipe bombs, almost daily pickets 
and two occasions when protesters had broken into the building.

Indeed, there were eight protestors in front of the building on 
this gray, overcast day when Salvi pulled into the back parking 
lot of the office building and asked one of the clinic's 
security guards for directions.

"He asked for directions to the Burger King," said Suzette 
Caton, the clinic's director of community relations. She said 
that the guard, a woman, had momentarily looked away.

"When she looked back, he was returning with a large black 
bag," Caton said. "Within seconds he was firing into the lobby. 
He shattered the two glass doors and a bullet went into a pay 

In all, Salvi pumped 23 bullets into the lobby's windows, 
police said. Some of the bullets passed through the lobby and 
out the building, striking near the abortion protesters on the 
other side.

No one was hurt in the incident, although Caton said there had 
been about 50 to 60 people in the clinic--- staff, patients and 
their friends or family--- when the shooting broke out. Because 
of the continual protests, patients were usually sent around to 
the back of the building and the doors kept locked. When he 
failed to get in, Salvi opened fire on the building in 
frustration, police said.

It was not clear exactly what had taken Salvi to Norfolk, 
roughly a 12-hour drive south of Boston, but police speculated 
that he might have been headed for Naples, Fla., where his 
parents live and where he had spent his younger years.

Salvi will apear before a federal magistrate in Norfolk on a 
charge of flight to avoid prosecution, then will be extradited 
to Massachusetts, U.S. Atty. Donald Stern said in Boston.

Three of those wounded the previous day were in fair condition 
Saturday and two were in serious condition.

Salvi's co-workers and fellow students at the Portsmouth School 
of Hair Design in New Hampshire, where Salvi was studying to 
become a beautician, remember his gloomy air, the picture of a 
fetus he had posted on the back of his pickup and his habit of 
quoting from the Bible.

"I don't see him qualifying as a terrorist--- maybe a religious 
fanatic," said Rick Griffin, who had hired Salvi to help out in 
his beauty shop in Hampton, N.H.

At the beauty shop in Hampton, about 40 miles north of Boston, 
hairdresser Pam Nicholson found Salvi's silence and "melancholy 
manner" disturbing, and Griffin recalled that when he spoke, 
which wasn't often, it was mostly to quote Scripture.

"All day long, I've been joking with my clients that it was 
him," Griffin said Friday.

"Then I heard the description: curly hair and around 23, and I 
said, 'Oh my God. It really was him.'"



Additional comments: This guy's a nutcase, plain and simple. It 
isn't helping matters any when the head of Rescue America says 
something along the lines of, "the only thing is that until 
recently the casualties have only been on one side. There are 30 
million dead babies[sic] and only five people on the other side, 
so it's really nothing to get all excited about." (Source-New 
York Times News Service)