*************** STATEMENT OF UNITY*****************

As a Feminist organization we believe in the dignity of 
womenhood, the value of women's work, the voice of women as 
experts on our own lives and equality through the freedom of 

As Feminists we recognize and cherish our herstory, the 
individuals' experience and we also affirm the female associated 
values of caring, nuturing, respect, sharing and respectfully 
challenge and confront ourselves and each other in our diverse 
learning processes.

As Feminists we are committed to the equality of all people.

As Feminists we believe that all people must be free to develop 
to their full potential and support the efforts for 
self-determination of people from all countries.

Our stregnth is in our commitment to collectivity in decision 
making lobbying and support.

Our vision challenges the very essence of a male defined 
political, economic and social system which we struggle to 
redesign not simply to find a place in.

We start with ourselves - living it.

-NorthWestern Ontario Women's Decade Council (1992)