AND EVEN MORE CULPRITS

     You thought it was all over when the State of Michigan
recalled the 4-RU-486 automobile license plate, but you did not
factor in the mindlessness of our religious opponents.

     They were immediately hot and heavy into license plate
registrations in Michigan and found the following all non-
acceptable: I234Q;  4PLAY;  GSPOT;  BONG, and  BTOPLES. The
secretary of state has been inundated with calls to get all of the
sex maniacs who sport such plates. That office has now issued a
statement that a "complete review" of the vanity license plates
issued must be made to "make sure that this kind of thing doesn't
go on any longer."

     The plates, which cost $25 each, generate at least $1 million
a year for the state of Michigan but what is that compared to the
loss of morality.

     Gawd knows what would happen if any of you saw such a
debauched license plate on the automobile ahead of you in the
traffic flow.

During the review of vanity plates, the Michigan secretary of
state also found that PROLIFE had been issued. Subsequently, the
decision was made to allow the owner of the 4-RU-486 plate (who
runs a Toledo abortion [providing] clinic) to retain it.

Source: UP, 1/15/95; UP, 2/22/95