From:    Joel Polowin
To:      All
Subject: Voyager's crew

Let's see.  We've got a ship full of weirdos which goes off
on what's supposed to be a short trip, but they get zapped
by a storm and end up lost a long way from home with no way
to get home, stuck near a desert i\s\l\a\n\d\planet.

Does this sound vaguely familiar..?

Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale
Of a trip few could endure
That started out from DS9
Aboard the _Voyager_.

The ensign was as green as hell,
The skipper short and terse
The plot and science made no sense,
The dialogue was worse.

They flew into a plasma storm
The plasma oozed and gleamed
They Trek-nobabbled on a
Tetrion displacement beam.

The crew beamed down to land
On this uncharted desert globe
With Harry Kim
And Janeway too
The rebel scum
Joined the fleet
The Holo-Doc
And the rest
Are here on _Voyager's_ crew!


The Voyager's Theme Song
(Sung to the theme of 'Gilligan's Island')
(Used without permission. Please don't sue.)
(Thank you.)

Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip
That started at this Bajorin Port
Aboard this Fed'ration Ship
The mate was a Native Amer-i-can
The skipper, a chick... well, sure!
Our crew set out that fateful day
On another five year tour
Another five year tour

The plot, it started getting weak
The tiny ship was tossed
Across the space-time contin-u-um
The Voyager, it was lost
The Voyager, it was lost

The ship wound up too far away
To return before they died.
With the Ind-i-an
The Captain too
The Hol-o-gram
And the Makei
The new re-cruit
The black Vulcan and the al-i-ens
Here on Star Trek Voy-a-gers

Neither of us are regular readers of these groups, but we 
thought you might enjoy the fruit of our boredom. If you'd like 
to flame us, feel free to do it here where we will never see it, 
or send some e-mail to us. (We are fans, really we are.)

Damone                     and         Calvin