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Holy Horrors
An Illustrated History of Religious Murder and Madness

James A. Haught

It is said that there is never enough religion in the world to make people love one another -- just enough to make them hate one another.

As the 20th century draws to a close, incendiary blends of fundamentalist religion, politics, nationalism, and ethnic zealotry engender countless examples of atrocity in the name of faith and orthodoxy. If anything, religious persecution is more savage now that ever before in the history of mankind.

`Holy Horrors' chronicles the grim spectrum of religious persecution from ancient times to the present. Fully illustrated with drawings and photographs, the book recounts such historic religious persecutions as the Crusades, the Islamic jihads, the Catholic wars against heretics, the Inquisition, witch hunts, and the Reformation; it also chronicles modern-day atrocities, including the Holocaust, the seemingly insoluble Catholic-Protestant schism in Northern Ireland, religious tribalism in Lebanon, and the barbaric cruelty of the theocracy in Iran.

James A. Haught is editor of The Charleston Gazette in West Virginia. He has won awards for his investigative journalism from the National Press Club, the American Bar Association, and People for the American Way. In October 1989, Haught was honored with the Hugh L. Hefner First Amendment Award for his work in the Gazette in support of the separation of church and state.

"Centuries of religious madness packed into one finely crafted, all-too-true horror story.'' -- Playboy

233 pages (photos and illustrations throughout)
ISBN 0-87975-574-4 -- Cloth $22.95

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