Clarence Darrow in "Absurdities of the Bible"

"Of course it is not reasonable to expect the Fundamentalist mind to hold anything approaching a real and adequate conception of science; to have any knowledge of scientific methods of investigation; any understanding of the scientific attitude; any appreciation of the scientific spirit; or any respect for the integrity of the scientific mind. Indeed it is the inability to do these things that leaves the unfortunates exposed to the Fundamentalist blight. It is the ability to do these things that distinguishes intelligent persons from Fundamentalists.

quot;Everybody, excepting the Fundamentalist, understands that science -- and its application through the arts -- has been the sole means of elevating a portion of the race from a primitive, universal state of savagery to its present stage of culture. Had all men relied on faith alone -- using the term in its theological sense -- the whole race would have remained fixed in a permanent condition of savagery."