Killed 49 Islamic Extremists

AP 26 Nov 94 16:39 EST V0453 The Associated Press.

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) -- Security forces said Saturday they killed 49 Islamic extremists last week, making November the deadliest month for the guerrillas in their 3-year-old insurgency.

Unofficial death tolls say 328 guerrillas have been killed this month in their campaign to overthrow Algeria's military- installed regime and impose religious rule.

The guerrillas went to war after the army cancelled January 1992 elections that the fundamentalist Islamic Salvation Front was winning. More than 11,000 people have been killed.

Also Saturday, security forces said they found the body of a woman kidnapped Nov. 4 with her husband, son and two daughters ages 15 and 21.

The daughters were found with their throats slashed three days after their abduction. Security forces said they refused temporary marriages intended to let guerrillas have sex without violating the Islamic ban on extramarital sex.