Religion Brought To Mankind All That Was Good?

By Jan Deboer

One of the most common delusions in the minds of Christians is that their religion brought to mankind all that was good, true and noble, and that before this divine revelation came to humanity the people were living in the darkness of heathenism, bowing down to gods of wood and stone. Christians believe that Christianity raised the world from savagery to a state of civilisation, and that before its time there was no such thing as loving kindness, charity, works of healing and mercy, the virtues being unknown outside the Old Testament and the Jewish race.

Repeated attempts were made by the Church to achieve world domination, based upon the scheme of Augustine in his book THE CITY OF GOD, which was the MEIN KAMPF of Christianity, to end in complete failure after thirteen centuries of effort.

Both works envisaged a scheme of absolute world rule and both attempts relied on aggressive and ruthless methods. The Christian priests, to achieve their purpose, relied on torture, imprisonment, banishment, the Inquisitors of the Faith, intrigue and on Christian rulers, backed by their armies of cruel and plundering soldiers, while the Nazis relied on the Gestapo, intrigue, concentration camps, ruthless brutality, quislings, tanks and bombers.

The similarity of the two attempts by two organizations, made up of tyrants seeking power and wealth, at the expense of the liberty and happiness of their victims, is obvious and there is nothing to choose between them.