The Gods Of The Bible

From: Dan Ceppa
To: Kenneth Mcabee

>BJ> How do you explain the other gods mentioned in that Bible
>BJ> of yours?

KM> Ok, give me a passage.

Nice of you to ask. Knock yourself out.

By Norbert Sykes
Let's look at some of the Gods mentioned in the Bible:

   Adrammelech     II Kings 17:31   Sepharvite God.
   Anammelech      II Kings 17:31   Sepharvite God.
   Ashima          II Kings 17:30   Samaritan Moon Goddess.
   Ashtoreth       I Kings 11:05    Canaanite Goddess.
   Baal            I Kings 18:19    Canaanite God ("Lord") of
                                      fertility, vegitation, and storms.
   Baal-berith     Judges 8:33      A regional variation/aspect of Baal.
   Baal-peor       Numbers 25:03    Moabite regional variation/aspect of
   Baal-zebub      Luke 11:19       Philistine/Ekronian regional
                                      variation/aspect of Baal.
   Baalim          I Kings 18:18    Canaanite Gods ("Lords"), a
                                      collective of the different
                                      aspects of Baa.
   Bel             Isiah 46:01      Assyrian/Babylonian/Sumerian God
   Chemosh         I Kings 11:07    Moabite war God.
   Dagon           I Samuel 05:02   Philistine/Ekronian/Babylonian God
                                      of agriculture.
   Diana of the
     Ephesians     Acts 19:35       Ephesian moon and nature Goddess,
   Jehovah         Exodus 6:03      Hebrew God
   Jupiter         Acts 14:12       Roman God (possibly derived from
                                      'Zeus-pater', Father Zeus).
   Lucifer         Isiah 14:12      ("Light-Bearer")
   Mercurius       Acts 14:12       Otherwise known as the Roman God
                                      Mercury, God of communication and
                                      travel, and messenger of the
                                      Gods...which is probably why Paul
                                      was called this at Lystra.
   Milcom          I Kings 11:05    Ammonite God
   Molech          I Kings 11:07    Ammonite God, also called Moloch,
                                      most probably Baal-Hammon of
   Nebo            Isiah 46:01      Assyrian/Babylonian/Chaldean God of
                                      wisdom and writing, also called
   Nergal          II Kings 17:30   Cuth/Assyrian/Babylonian war and
                                      underworld God, also called
   Nibhaz          II Kings 17:31   Avites God
   Nisroch         II Kings 19:37   Assyrian God
   Rimmon          II Kings 05:18   Babylonian/Syrian storm God
                                      involved (as Ramman) with the
                                      Deluge, according to Hebrew texts;
                                      also known as Ramman/Rammon.
   Succoth-benoth   II Kings 17:30  Babylonian fertility Goddess ("She
                                      Who Produces Seed"), also known as
   Tammuz          Ezekial 8:14     Assyrian/Babylonian God
   Tartak          II Kings 17:31   Avites God

Please note that I'm not referring to any Deities not mentioned by name (for instance, the golden calf is not here). only alluded to, or ones I was just too tired to look up. };) I believe this gives us enough to work with. As you can see, it cleanly refutes your argument that Jehovah/Yahweh was the only God. That it does so in the 'supposed' word of God is a bonus.