Burn In Hell, Bastards!

(Jaya T Sastry)

I hope you IGNORANT FOOLS enjoy your ETERNAL SUFFERING in hot, bubbling hellpits. You have earned your passage to HELL due to your faithless, heathen lifestyles. BLAPHEMOUS HERETICS like you will get a special wing all to yourselves, right between the Communists and abortionists. Soak in your own tears, knowing that you will spend a MILLION LIFETIMES stewing in your own boiling wretched excrement.

There is hope, you spineless, motherless MAGGOTS.

Even GODLESS HEATHENS like yourselves can be saved. Go to the nearest presbyterian church, prostrate yourself before the image of the SAVIOR, and beg for forgiveness. Otherwise, expect your sweet, pagan hynies to BURN and BLISTER as SATAN'S SPEW coats your blackened hide.

It is no suprise that a GODLESS HEATHEN like yourself would have a direct phone line the GREAT DARK ONE himself. No doubt he whispers sweetly in your ear, encouraging your SOFT, SQUISHY BRAIN to perform damnable acts of a HERETIC on grand proporions.

I can see that your ROTTEN, FETID SOUL is beyond salvation. I encourage you to detach yourself from any connection with the electronic world, so your SATANIC PROPOGANDA does not pollute the young and impressionable minds around you, some of which have brains that are far more SOFT and SQUISHY than even your own. Please take a dip in a scalding pool of sulfur. Thank you very much.