I Only Wish I Could Be There To
Light The Oven, To Be Honest.

From: William Stone
To: Johnny Mckinney

JM> I love you too, Marty


I doubt these people in here will hear you as they are influenced by reprobate minds. They know nothing of the giving love of Jesus as he hanged on the cross, nor do they understand the deep peace and satisfaction from the substitution of faith for their so-called "scientific proof".

I imagine they will be quite surprised on the day of rapture when we are caught up in glory and the earth swallows up them and their abominations. May they suffer the agonies of their sins and wail in pain as the burning fires of hell consume their flesh. I only wish I could be there to light the oven, to be honest.

Yours in Christ,
William Stone
Distributor -PRIME echos