Christian Dating Offends Me Because It Is Unconstitution

From: Larry Brewer
Subject: Yoshke heretical dating..

JP> Christ changed history in an extraordinary way.
JP> He split timekeeping into BC-AD.

LB> I guess John never heard that this year is 5755 [without Jesus]

JP> Sure I've heard of it. Just that nobody uses that dating.
JP> Except a minority of Jews, that is.

ROTFL -- except a minority of Jews? John, try most all Jews use the dating 5755 or BCE/CE. In fact, when you consider Asia's 2 billion plus people ... they NEVER heard of the Gergorian calendar. I don't use 1994 when writing a check... today if I wrote a check -- I would use the date Cheshvan 21, 5755. There is NO Federal or State law that say I must use a christian dating system.

JP> In your post to Curry, you didn't even use the '5755' date.

ROTLF (and laughing my butt off). John try reading the message I wrote to Curry. Sorry I didn't use any pictures. %^)

JP> Sorry that using a dating based on Jesus offends you,.....
JP> forces you to confront the fact that Jesus is so very
JP> influential, whereas you are comparitively insignificant.
JP> However, that's just the way it is. WBW, John

Christian dating offends me because it is UNconstitution. The Gregorian calendar was forced on Europeans by the holy Roman Catholic Church (Pope Gregory XIII in 1582.) {btw: remember europeans fled england and europe to get away from the CHURCH and to have religion freedom -- the only problem is these new emigrants brought some heretical baggage to this country} . Anyway, this means the mythical Jesus had been dead over 1550 years before `his' calendar was invent by the Roman Catholic Church. Do you support the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope of Rome, John? Are Roman Catholics true christians, like you? Do you support Roman catholic dogma (i.e. their calendar that you say influenced the world)?

Furthermore, there have been alot of heretics and murders that influnenced the world (i.e. Hitler, Stalin, and other totalitarian dictators {can you think of any?) How about the Pope in Rome and their christian cursades? Now just because someone influence the world doesn't mean that the world is better off for it.

And even mythical characters have influenced the world: the Easter Bunny, Satan Claus.... can you think of any others, too?

About the same time the christian calendar was invented by the Roman Catholic church -- there was the Inquisition. "The Spanish Inquisition was pervese attempt to save people's souls by torturing their bodies. Since ONLY Christians of pure faith could go to heaven, the Inquisitiors reasoned, and all others would be sentenced to the eternal torments of hell, it made sense to temporaily torture people of impure faith until they accepted Jesus, and thereby save their souls from the never-ending totures of the next world."

You see, John this is how Jesus influenced the world. And if anyone tried to contest the Roman Catholic dating system of Pope Gregory XIII -- that person will be killed in cold blood by Jesus' followers. It is all in your churchs history. Remember your church influenced the world by the threat of death {i.e. christian love}.

Can you show me one law (federal or state law) that says that the christian dating is the offical dating system of this country?

If your answer is, NO -- then the christian dating is uninfluential and comparitively insignificant and should be considered at best a secular dating system {devoid of Jesus).

From: Sean McCullough To: Larry Brewer Subject: Yoshke heretical dating..

Hello, Larry!!

> In a message to Larry Brewer <10-27-94 00:15> Sean McCullough wrote:<br>

>SM> The Gregorian calendar isn't dogma, it's mathematics. Aside from the
>SM> erroneous calculation of Jesus's alleged times on Earth, all Gregory
>SM> did to Julius Caesar's calendar was to correct microastronomical
>SM> errors and install mechanisms to prevent those errors in the future
>SM> -- the leap-year day, the assignment of 31 days to December, and
>SM> eventually the disappearance of half of September one year in the
>SM> late 1700's.

> The Gregorian calendar isn't dogam--then what is `1994' but dogma based
> on a mythical person?

That part isn't dogma either, it's outright fucking FALSE.

Treating the whole issue of the historicity of Jesus as "assumptata" for a moment, the calculating monk got the Augustan Census off by at LEAST four years and as many as ten!!

The pre-Christian Julio-Augustan calendar, as Octavian Augustus Caesar had it set up, was based first on the alleged date of the founding of Rome (under which we'd be living in some 2600-some) and then on the death-date of Gaius Julius Caesar, under which we'd be living in 2038.

Considering the rather large RELIABLE and CORROBORATED body of evidence that Julius Caesar lived, added to the fact that he INVENTED the calendar we Westerners use today, methinks it makes a lot more sense to date things from either his birth or his death (under a birth-driven dating we have a year of 2094). Several of the nations Caesar conquered, after all, maintained corroborating records of his conquest of them, as did Caesar's enemies at Rome. That adds up to one hell of a lot more evidence for Caesar's historicity than exists for Jesus's (Yoshke's, as you say it).

BTW, why do you call Jesus Yoshke?? All the Hebrew I have seen any Jesus discussed in makes the name indistinguishable from Joshua (whose book of the Tanach is referred to in Greek translation *as* Iesous).