Missionaries At Kotel Disguised As Orthodox Jews

(Dateline TEL AVIV) Rabbi Sholom R. Lifshitz, head of the educational and anti-missionary organization Yad L'Achim, has come out with a statement warning the public visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem to beware of missionaries disguised as Orthodox Jews with beard and peyos [side locks - GF] who prey on Jews in distress at the Wall.

On 18-year-old boy, a resident of Jerusalem, told Yad L'Achim activists the following story: "As I was praying by the Western Wall, an Orthodox Jew with beard and peyos approached me and asked, 'Why are you crying, what is the matter?' I told him my troubles and he pursuaded me to come with him.

"It turned out that I was taken to Emanuel in the Old City next to the Jaffa Gate, which is a church. There they attended to all my needs. There is a young club there which preaches shmad (apostasty) and Christianity."

Rabbi Lifshitz said the missionaries are distributing thousands of copies of the New Testament throughout the country, and exploit the ignorance of the new immigrants who are led to believe that it is the authentic Tanach.

Rabbi Lifshitz added that now, during the summer, there is an increase in missionary activities by thousands of tourists who exploit their visit in Israel for "holy missionizing."

I'm left wondering if there's any limit to the underhandedness of Christian fundamentalists...

C. J. Henshaw