Christian Motorists

From: David Worrell

I've spent the last several weeks performing an experiment of sorts. I realize this experiment is far from scientific, but the results are interesting if not unexpected.

Using posterboard and a black marker, I made two signs. The first sign said "Christians Suck". Whenever I saw a car with one of those silly fish symbols on the interstate, I would (politely - I didn't cut anyone off or endanger any lives other than maybe my own) place myself either in front of or alongside of it and show my sign. I then made a note of the behaviors evidenced by these people that follow an allegedly superior moral code. These behaviors are tabulated below:

Obscene Finger Gestures: 11
Angry Vocalizations: 6
No Response: 1
A Smile and/or a Wave: 3

Some superior moral code, huh? 81% of the test subjects responded in ways that Jesus, their claimed leader and role model, would most likely not approve of.

This, of course, leads me to the second sign - "Is Jesus proud of you right now?" This sign was only displayed to the subjects that responded with anger. The results of this test are given below:

Showed some sign of shame: 2
Continued or increased their previous behavior: 15

88% (71% of the the entire set of test subjects) obviously didn't give a damn *what* Jesus thought of their behavior.

Warning: Kids, don't try this at home. Many Jesus nuts are also gun nuts. Annoying them could be hazardous to your health.