Evidence, NOT "Proof"

From: Hector Plasmic
To: John Hewett

>> LW> wish to by providing incontrovertible material evidence.

>> Name one person here that has asked for incontrovertible evidence, >> please.

JH> Does Hector Plasmic ring a bell?

Don't need incontrovertible evidence, John. Got anything which is evidence of gods existing outside imagination (as opposed to evidence that some people believe that gods exist, please)? Fail to grasp the difference in the requests?

What you really want is to have your claims granted special dispensation, to be accepted without backing evidence. Isn't that correct? Or do you want to grant all claims this same privilege, thus making "Elvis is still alive," "UFOs stole my homework," "I'm Napoleon Bonaparte" and "Gods exist" all "valid claims" (yes, they're already all equally valid claims, since none are valid, but you want to change the definition to make them all valid, correct?)?

Have you thought out your highly illogical position?

We're well aware that you consider "evidence" to be a dirty word since you have none. But that's your problem -- deal with it, pink boy. The principle of burden of proof won't get suspended just because it hurts your feelings -- not around here, anyway.