One Nation Under Goat

From: Stephen Green
To : John Prewett

Those things which we regard as important in Western Countries (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, due process, etc) are NOT due to Christianity. These freedoms are handed done from the logic and reason originated by Aristotle -- not some martyr named Jesus.

For proof, I offer you the Dark Ages. This was the only period in Western History in which the Church ruled our lives. And our lives, to borrow a quote, were "poor, nasty, brutish, and short."

Muslims were raped and pillaged in the name of religion, and the local serfs weren't trreated much better.

All this ended with the flowering of the Renaissance. What caused this "rebirth" -- the abandonment of Christian dogma with the rediscovery of Aristotle and the ways of ancient Greece. Individual rights gained their first foothold in over a thousand years and progress returned.

And it wasn't your Jesus who did it. It was THINKING men and women who gave up on Christian principles and relied on their brains instead of divine providence. The evils we still have in the Western World are those elements of Christianity we haven't been able to weed out.

For instance, we still suffer from racism, made possible by Biblical support of slavery. Our economy is going down the tubes because of welfare-state expenses, made possible by the acceptance of Christian altruism.

Western nation are free to the extent that they have REJECTED Christianity, and not to the extent that they have accepted it. Learn your history and get back to me.

Have fun,