Godless Societies =DO= Exist

From: Marty Leipzig
To: Al Schroeder

Al Schroeder, who fell on a metamorphic outcrop & got schist-faced, said to Richard Smith:

AS> But NO society is without some sort of religious worldview. So it's
AS> not like it isn't universal.

Actually, there is a tribe of nomadic herdsfolk in the east Govi Basin of the Democratic Republic of Mongolia that is entirely without a creation/armageddon/what's-it-all-about mythos (I've met them and actually worked with some of them who hire out to the local oil and gas production associations).

They are completely without a thought of a God(s), and the mention of such a concept is met by a polite response of sheer bewilderment. They strike me as utter pragmatists (and they are not yanking my chain; this group was part of a study by Clemmins, 1985). When asked why somethings are, they respond "Because they are that way."

An entirely refreshing group of people with which to work and share a vodka or six.